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Webster Chiropractic Care

What is the Webster Technique? 

Chiropractic treatment during pregnancy can provide many benefits, such as a faster labor and delivery, a reduction in pain and discomfort during pregnancy, and a reduction in morning sickness, sciatic nerve pain, neck pain, and lower back pain. At Foundations Spine and Well-Necessities, a Webster chiropractor at our facility can provide safe, gentle, and effective chiropractic treatment during pregnancy. 

Chiropractic Care for a More Comfortable Pregnancy 

Webster chiropractic care is a specialized form of pregnancy-focused chiropractic adjustments that are designed to address pelvic dysfunction. Treatment seeks to correct pelvic torsion with the use of gentle and specific adjustments to the sacral area. Treatment will not only address issues such as spinal misalignments that can impact uterine constraint, but it can also address a number of common complaints women have during pregnancy, such as chronic pain, round ligament pain, lower back pain, morning sickness, poor sleep, and more. Chiropractic care throughout pregnancy can provide pain relief and can give the expecting mother the best opportunity to deliver her baby as comfortably and as naturally as possible. 

Webster Chiropractic Care Results 

Webster chiropractic care can restore balance and may help alleviate:

  • Headache pain 
  • Foot pain
  • Arm pain 
  • Neck pain 
  • Lower back pain 
  • Knee pain 
  • Leg pain
  • Midback pain 
  • Sciatica pain 
  • Morning sickness 

And more. 

Our chiropractic services include effective treatments that can help an expecting mother sleep better at night, and walk and move comfortably while preventing movement restriction to the growing infant. Our pregnancy treatment is  safe and gentle, and even high-risk pregnancies have had great benefit from Webster specific chiropractic adjustments. 

Proper Positioning for Birth 

Instincts will tell babies to move into the proper head-down position right before labor. However, if the mother’s pelvis is unbalanced and the rest of her spine has to compensate, those areas can also become unbalanced. An unbalanced pelvis, ligaments, muscles, and sacrum can contribute to an infant not wanting to move into the proper position for delivery. 

Chiropractic care can help here by putting the pelvic and sacrum in the proper alignment. With gentle and safe spinal adjustments, any misalignments can be corrected. This involves rebalancing pelvic muscles and the ligaments, to minimize the amount of stress placed on the uterus. As a result of a balanced pelvis, and normalized tension on all of the pelvic ligaments which attach to the uterus, the baby may move into its more preferred position.

Easier Labor

Aside from allowing the baby to move into a more proper position right before delivery, a mom can also benefit from chiropractic care in pregnancy to ease their discomfort during pregnancy and labor. A spinal realignment will balance the ligaments and pelvic muscles, which can reduce pain and discomfort. 

Misalignments can also contribute to lower back pain or sciatic nerve pain, which can cause a painful, uncomfortable pregnancy and longer labor.

Proper Development of the Nervous System

Spinal adjustments during pregnancy can also remove the pressure and stress that’s placed on the uterus, restricting an infant’s movements. This can impact how the infant’s spine grows and how their nervous system develops during a time when they’re most vulnerable. Fortunately, this can be easily corrected before birth. 

A chiropractor can use the Webster Technique to give both mom and baby a safer, healthier, and happier pregnancy, without the common aches and pains that can quickly become debilitating over several weeks. 

Safe Chiropractic Care in Pregnancy 

Subluxations that are specific to the sacrum and pelvic area can have a direct impact on the position of the uterus. The strain on the uterus can result in the restriction of space in which the baby has to move within the womb and can also contribute to abnormal fetal presentations including breech presentation. The Webster Technique has become widely known for its high success rate in correcting breech positions, as well as posterior and transverse positions. 

When Should I Begin Chiropractic Treatment During Pregnancy?

This chiropractic technique works the best if treatment starts as early as possible. Treatment can require several sessions to free subluxations, allowing the mother’s nervous system to adapt to these changes. Treatment beginning at least one month before the mom’s due date can increase the success of the baby moving into the ideal birth position. 

Beginning treatment during or after the 38th week of pregnancy isn’t the best approach. 

Choose the Best Care-Schedule an Appointment Today 

At Foundations Spine and Well-Necessities, we offer the finest quality care to expecting mothers and the entire family. Our licensed chiropractors have extensive experience treating a wide range of neuromusculoskeletal conditions and work with patients of all ages. 

A Webster chiropractor at our family chiropractic clinic can provide vital prenatal treatment to expecting mothers who are dealing with chronic lower back pain, round ligament pain, morning sickness, discomfort, sciatic pain, and more. Our licensed chiropractors will use safe and gentle adjustments to improve an expecting mother’s quality of life and ensure she enjoys a safe, happy, and healthy pregnancy. We strive to help our patients reach their health goals and can create a custom care plan based on each patient’s unique needs. To learn more about the Webster Technique, or to schedule an appointment, contact our office today.




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