The Foundations Difference

Discovering the Root Cause

At Foundations, we take a proactive approach to your health, rather than a reactive one. Your spine is the backbone of your health, quite literally. Maintaining your spinal health starts with a spinal assessment to uncover any underlying concerns contributing to your condition. The main goal of your first few visits will be focused on discovering the root cause of your health problems. See the What to Expect page to get a more detailed look at this process.
One of the objective measures we use is the state-of-the-art Insight Scanning Machine. Also used by NASA, this machine evaluates Surface EMG and is the ideal strategy for measuring the combined outcomes of postural and neuromuscular exhaustion. At Foundations, we never want to guess with your health, and using this scan only gives us more clarity into discovering the root cause.

Improving Function

We are a function-focused family practice, rather than symptoms-focused. To improve function also means to return the bodies’ natural abilities which it was initially designed to accomplish. Throughout treatment, your body will return to this natural state through correcting the spine, healing your muscle memory, and reactivating your body’s innate ability to heal itself. Healing takes time and repetition. There is a saying that describes the healing process which states, “Form follows function.” By making increased function the goal, pain and symptoms may also diminish as a result.

Maintaining the Best Version of You!

At this point in your treatment, symptoms are greatly reduced, if not completely diminished, and we want to maintain your body this way! Just like your teeth or a car requires regular maintenance, so will your spine. Lifestyle habits should also be changing, such as incorporating more exercise and regular stretching in your daily activities. Periodic adjustments will maintain proper function, therefore allowing you to keep doing whatever you love most!

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