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Utilizing a Chiropractor for
Pregnancy and Pediatrics

A Pregnancy & Pediatric Chiropractor

Healthy kids make healthy adults… that’s a fact! Yet why have recent studies reports shown that our children are the sickest generation in industrialized history? Is it because there is a lack of access to ear tubes or Tylenol compared to earlier generations? Of course not! The environment of today is much different than it was in years prior, primarily due to the decreased quality of foods we ingest and products we absorb. This heavy load of environmental toxins can have an affect on our children’s health. 

When the spine is injured through the birthing process or daily stressors, the vertebrae go out of alignment, which is called a subluxation. Subluxations put pressure on nerves at these spinal levels and cause some of the most common symptoms we see in pediatrics. The great news is, Chiropractic can help! Dr. Vartan is ICPA certified to provide the best possible Chiropractic Care for children and deliver specific adjustments that are safe, gentle, and effective

Below are some of the conditions that can improve through the correction of subluxation in a child’s spine: 

  • developmental delays
  • bed-wetting
  • recurrent ear infections
  • chronic colds
  • childhood asthma
  • ADD & ADHD
  • seasonal allergies
  • digestive irregularities
  • sinus congestion

For more information on how Chiropractic Care can help your children, visit icpa4kids.com

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The interventions in pregnancies of today are more aggressive than years past, making birth tougher for both mothers and babies. A recent study demonstrated that 90% of newborns suffered from some degree of birth trauma affecting their neck and cranial areas. Interventions such as forceps, C-Section, and vacuums are used more often, each of which put the baby’s spine at risk. Other potential causes of birth trauma include short labor, fast labor, use of Pitocin or pain medications, and restricted maternal birthing positions. When the spine is injured through these methods, it can result in neurological stress that often goes undetected. The area of the spine that is most vulnerable to injury when these interventions are used is the upper-cervical area of the neck, which houses the blood and nerve supply to the brain, face, ears, eyes, head, and sympathetic nervous system.

 Below are some indicators of birth trauma that can improve through corrective chiropractic care:

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  • head tilting to one side, even after repositioning
  • trouble settling down and sleeping soundly
  • difficulty turning the neck to one side
  • gas and colic
  • difficulty latching
  • acid reflux
  • torticollis

For more information on how Chiropractic Care can help your children, visit icpa4kids.com

Having a Chiropractor is vital not only for mom, but also baby

Throughout pregnancy, there are many changes in the pelvis and lumbar regions of the spine. As a result, a dysfunctional spine will compensate and produce the common low back and hip pain many women get. However, women under Chiropractic care before, during, and after pregnancy have reported less pain throughout pregnancy, reduced labor times, smoother deliveries, and a decrease in need for interventions such as forceps and vacuum extraction.

Dr. Vartan is certified in Webster technique. The Webster technique is a Chiropractic sacral analysis and adjustment designed specifically for pregnant women. By reducing sacral/SI joint subluxations and misalignments throughout pregnancy, there is decreased tension in the pelvis so that the baby can be positioned optimally for birth. 

Imagine sleeping in a bed while someone sitting on the sheets next to you. Can you turn over freely? No. For the baby, the surrounding walls of the uterus tighten with pelvic imbalance, similar to tight bed-sheets which make it more difficult to move into proper position. Even after a few simple adjustments, mothers have reported feeling their babies moving more freely as a result of less stress on the pelvis, ligaments, muscles, and spine.

Below are three integral components of childbirth that Chiropractic Care can help with in order to prepare the body for birth:

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The nervous system (Power) operates in all body processes, including childbirth. For birth to proceed as it was naturally designed to, the nervous system must facilitate the transmission of information through the body. By removing interferences and imbalances to the nervous system, Chiropractic Care helps lead to a    normal, physiological birth.


For the baby to descend through the birth canal (Passage), the balance of the mother’s pelvis is vitally important.With Chiropractic Care, the muscles and ligaments of the pelvis and uterus are free to move and function for the benefit of the mother and the baby. The result is greater ease and comfort in pregnancy and birth.


The baby (Passenger) want to get into the best possible position to descend through the birth canal. The movements inherent   to the birthing baby will be positively facilitated when the mother’s nervous system is optimally functioning and her pelvis is balanced using Chiropractic Care. Birth is a cooperative endeavor, where the mom and baby play vitally connected roles.



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