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Approximately 50% of expectant mothers report experiencing some type of back pain during their pregnancy. Some expecting mothers mistakenly believe that aches and pains during pregnancy are normal when carrying a child. But the reality is that a woman doesn’t have to suffer through months of discomfort and pain during pregnancy. A Palatine prenatal chiropractor can help women experience a healthy, comfortable, and happy pregnancy.

How Prenatal Chiropractors Can Help

A prenatal chiropractor can provide a holistic approach by effectively treating misalignments that are caused by a rapidly growing fetus, creating a more comfortable pregnancy and delivery. This can be accomplished with chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy.

There are other benefits for the baby and advantages of engaging in chiropractic treatment during pregnancy as well. By making spinal adjustments to align the spine and treating subluxations, the brain will be able to communicate better with the entire body. This means that a woman will experience less nausea, fewer headaches, and more stable hormone levels, and enjoy optimal health.

At Foundations Spine and Well-Necessities, our chiropractors have been trained to treat pregnant women, using safe and gentle chiropractic techniques.

In addition to properly aligning the body throughout pregnancy, ongoing treatment can reduce common pregnancy complaints about pain, such as:

  • Hip pain
  • Back pain
  • Knee pain
  • Tight muscles
  • Sacroiliac joint pain
  • Tension headaches
  • Cluster headaches
  • Neck pain
  • Ligament pain

And other types of chronic pain.

Benefits for Baby

The benefits of chiropractic care in pregnancy outweigh any health concerns, but it’s important to understand everything about this type of treatment before your first appointment. Aside from the most obvious benefits, which include alleviating chronic pain, these treatments have also been shown to significantly improve the mother’s quality of life during pregnancy, while minimizing the need for over-the-counter pain medication.

Other benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy include:

  • Reducing delivery time
  • Reducing labor time
  • Minimizing sacroiliac joint pain
  • Minimizing foot pain
  • Promotes proper alignment of the spine
  • Restored pelvic balance
  • Reduces risk of breech during pregnancy
  • Reducing hip pain
  • Reducing and eliminating the need for pain medication
  • Aligning the pelvis for a more comfortable delivery
  • Reducing nausea
  • Controlling and preventing urinary incontinence

There’s minimal risk associated with prenatal chiropractic treatment, however, it’s not recommended for women with certain health complications such as a history of ectopic pregnancy, women with vaginal bleeding, or women with a history of high-risk pregnancies.

Holistic Care in Pregnancy

Once a woman receives approval from their obstetrician, they can see a chiropractor during any stage of their pregnancy. Most women prefer to seek treatment during their first trimester. This allows them to develop a relationship with one of our prenatal chiropractors early on, which will benefit both the mother and baby throughout pregnancy.

Prenatal Chiropractic Techniques

Just like with standard treatment, the job of our chiropractor is to manipulate the patient’s spine, muscles, and joints into alignment. However, for prenatal treatment, a chiropractor will adjust their techniques accordingly and may focus more on the reduction of stress on the ligaments, uterus, and pelvic region. The techniques used can also depend on baby positioning and trimester. The chiropractor will also take extra care to exert gentle pressure on the abdomen.

Webster Technique

The Webster technique, created by Larry Webster, is designed specifically for pregnant women. This technique focuses on balancing the structures around the pelvic bones such as ligaments and muscles, as well as balancing the pelvic bones. When the pelvis is balanced a baby has enough space to develop. This extra space also allows the baby to get into the correct position for birth. Chiropractic treatment during pregnancy will also include spinal adjustments specifically for expecting mothers.

Intrauterine Constraint During Pregnancy

Women commonly see a chiropractor during pregnancy due to intrauterine constraints. Intrauterine constraint is a condition in which the baby’s movements are restricted because the pelvis is misaligned. If this condition is not treated, it can result in complications during birth.

The chiropractic techniques used are like those used with the Webster technique. The chiropractor will adjust the pelvis, allowing the baby to assume the optimal birth position. This chiropractic care for pregnancy-related pain can be very effective during the entire pregnancy.

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You don’t have to deal with ligament pain, back pain, chronic pain, or other common pregnancy complaints when you’re expecting. Chiropractic care during pregnancy can have a major impact on how you feel during every trimester. If you’re an expecting mother and experiencing chronic pain and discomfort, contact our office today to schedule an appointment with one of our prenatal chiropractors and enjoy a happy, comfortable, healthy pregnancy. We also provide affordable services to entire families in Palatine, including children and the elderly. Speak with one of our knowledgeable staff members to learn more about the hands-on family health services we provide.



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