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At Foundations Spine and Well-Necessities, we specialize in pediatric chiropractic care for children and offer treatment for expecting mothers as well.

A Palatine pediatric chiropractor at our facility can provide a solid foundation of health for developing babies and chiropractic care for children. Studies have shown that care in pregnancy can reduce back labor and back pain, minimizes the risk for medical intervention, and can encourage optimal fetal positioning.

Treatment after pregnancy can also speed up postpartum recovery. Our facility can provide chiropractic care for entire families, for a healthier, happier, and more comfortable life.

Pediatric care can help encourage proper growth and development in children and should be part of their wellness care plan. A pediatric chiropractor at our facility can discuss care options and answer common questions mom and dad may have to ensure our pediatric patients receive the best care possible.

The Pediatric Chiropractor in Palatine, IL

Pediatric chiropractic adjustments are gentle, safe, and vital for optimal spinal and brain development. In fact, chiropractic care for infants can:

  • Improve breastfeeding success
  • Improve quality of life
  • Promote normal sleep patterns
  • Aids in digestion
  • Ease colic
  • Reduce ear pain

In younger children, pediatric adjustments can:

  • Support the immune system for healthier lives for your children
  • Ease asthma struggles
  • Reduce hip pain
  • Improves behavioral issues
  • Improves concentration
  • Provides pain relief
  • Prevents chronic sinus and ear infections
  • Promotes optimal development and growth

Is Chiropractic Treatment Appropriate for Children?

The spine of an infant doubles in size during the first two years of their life. The spine is the structure that protects the nervous system. Since the spinal nerves, spinal cord, and brain are responsible for an infant’s immune system, it’s important that these structures properly develop to promote optimal functioning and health. The integrity of the spine is essential to how an infant heals, and how healthy they are.

When fully developed, a spine will have four curves. These curves form as a developing skeletal structure that adapts to gravity. An infant is only born with a single C-shape curve that develops before birth, persisting for the first few months of their life. A newborn tucks their legs, pulling their thighs to their chest when being picked up or when placed on their belly. This position maintains the primary curve, reducing the pressure that’s placed on the hips and spine. In this position, an infant can digest food better, wastes fewer calories, and conserves energy. Infants that are placed in a swing, car seat, or bassinet for any length of time will cause gravity to place extra pressure against the cervical spine, which is rapidly developing. This can straighten or flatten the cervical curve, causing a decrease in muscle tone throughout the entire body.

Child of Subluxations

A chiropractor is a wellness expert and can offer care recommendations for both you and your child. As part of your child’s wellness lifestyle, you must have them checked regularly by one of our pediatric chiropractors for the presence of vertebral subluxations.

Our chiropractors commonly treat children of all ailments, including:

  • Neck pain
  • Knee pain
  • Hip pain
  • Gas pains

Our chiropractors use gentle techniques for the correction of subluxation and maintenance treatments. Using muscle rehab techniques and adjustment techniques, our family chiropractor can provide treatments that can improve your child’s quality of life, minimizing pain and discomfort, while encouraging proper growth and development.

What is the Webster Technique?

Gentle chiropractic techniques, such as the Webster technique, are also available for expecting mothers. This is a gentle and specific adjustment that helps improve pelvic and spinal alignment that can prevent breech babies and encourages the baby to move into the optimal position for birth. This type of regular medical care throughout pregnancy can prime the body for birth, can minimize pain throughout pregnancy, addresses sacroiliac joint pain, back pain, and neck pain, and can provide relief, without the use of pain medications.

Our Pediatric Chiropractors’ Kind, Caring Approach

A child receives a different form of chiropractic care than an adult. With infants, only the pressure of a pinky is applied. As a child grows, instrument-based techniques provide a noninvasive, low-force adjustment. Our chiropractors will be happy to demonstrate what a child’s adjustment feels like on dad or mom’s hand, or a child’s hand before a treatment session begins.

It’s Never too Soon to Seek Care

We offer pediatric care and care for pregnancy-related pain and discomfort in Palatine. With regular visits to chiropractors, you can help your children remain as healthy as possible, allowing them to develop and grow to their full potential. Contact Foundations Spine and Well-Necessities today to learn more about the chiropractic treatments and care options we offer and schedule an appointment for you and your child.



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