Back and Neck Pain

At some point, everyone suffers from back and neck pain. Treating these types of pain using over-the-counter or prescription medication is a short-term solution and one that may not be very effective. A chiropractor from Foundations Spine and Well-Necessities can identify the root cause of your chronic pain or acute pain and safely and effectively treat it by using spinal adjustments. These spinal adjustments can provide instant pain relief and without the use of harmful medication.

Common Causes of Back Pain

Nerves radiate from the spine to a person’s extremities. When the tangle of ligaments, muscles, bones, discs, and tendons is compromised, back pain can occur. There are many issues that can arise in the back, however, some of the most common is caused by trauma, such as poor posture or falling.

Disc Issues

The discs in the back sit between the vertebrae in the spine. When these discs are damaged, the jelly inside the disc spills out, irritating the surrounding nerves. Disc bulges and herniations can cause stabbing or shooting pain, especially in the legs.

Vertebrae Misalignment

Vertebrae are the bones that make up the spinal column. These bones can become misaligned due to trauma, a toxic lifestyle, or physical stress. A subluxation can limit a person’s movement, interfering with their everyday comfort.

Sprains and Strains

People commonly experience sprains and strains in their back by twisting beyond their normal range of motion or lifting something that’s too heavy. They can experience a strain or sprain during trauma too, such as during a fall or in an auto accident. The person may also have bruising and swelling as well.

Common Causes of Neck Pain

Neck pain usually occurs as a result of an accident or an injury. Most people are familiar with whiplash, which occurs when the head is whipped suddenly in a single direction and then back. The muscles in the neck and surrounding connective tissue are unable to react quickly enough to support that type of rapid movement, which results in pain and stiffness. Whiplash can cause injuries to the nerve roots, discs, and cervical vertebrae.

Other common causes of neck pain can include disc issues or misalignments of the vertebrae that are caused by a person’s lifestyle.


This condition causes the progressive deterioration of the cartilage between the vertebral joints, resulting in moderate to severe pain.

Poor Posture

When a person doesn’t hold their head upright, such as when they’re leaning over their phone constantly or when they’re sitting at a computer, their spinal balance gets disrupted.

Spine Disease

Issues such as degenerative disc disease and spinal stenosis can cause bulges in the cervical discs or the narrowing of the spinal canal, both of which can result in neck pain.

Common Treatments for Neck and Back Pain 

  • A healthcare provider may recommend the following treatments to help manage neck and back pain:
    Physical therapy
  • Anti-inflammatory pain relief
  • Over the counter pain medicines
  • Exercise ball to improve posture
  • Switching to a firm chair with arm rests
  • Muscle relaxants
  • Cold pack
  • An exercise program, such as aerobic exercise

Unfortunately, not all of these treatments can be effective or they may not address the root cause of your pain. If you have nerve damage, severe emotional stress, have experienced weight gain, have muscle tightness, or loss of muscle strength, you may need to make important lifestyle changes, in addition to seeking medical care from one of our experienced chiropractors. A chiropractor will address the root cause of your pain, without the use of harmful prescription or over-the-counter medicines. A chiropractor can work with your healthcare provider to formulate a treatment plan that will allow you to participate in social activities again, without struggling with acute pain or chronic pain. This type of treatment program can instantly help ease your pain and improve your quality of life.

A chiropractor can treat a wide range of issues, including:

  • Shoulder pain
  • Sharp shooting pain in the neck and/or back
  • Muscle strain or muscle injury
  • Damage to spinal nerves
  • An injury from a strenuous activity
  • Injuries caused by motor vehicle accidents
  • Leg pain
  • Chronic back pain
  • Pain caused by bad posture
  • Pain caused by continual stress

A chiropractor will perform a physical exam and discuss your medical history to determine the root cause of your persistent pain. They will also want to know the type of pain you’re experiencing, whether it’s a sharp pain, severe shooting pain, or a constant ache.

They may recommend special exercises that are designed to strengthen back or neck muscles, correct posture, and address any triggers that tend to make your pain worse. The goal of chiropractic treatment is to help you remain pain-free, safely, through the use of non-invasive spinal adjustments.

Chiropractic Treatment for Pain Relief

Chiropractic treatment can be a safe way to relieve and manage pain and inflammation caused by everyday life or injuries. Routine care can provide patients with a non-invasive, natural way to alleviate or eliminate pain.

A chiropractor will deliver gentle, safe spinal adjustments. These adjustments can correct misalignments and reduce joint restrictions in the spine and other areas of the body to improve function and reduce inflammation. By improving nervous system function, joint mobility, and spinal health, you can get back to handling normal daily activities and those special activities you love.

Chiropractic Treatments

A chiropractor uses manual manipulation to improve movement in the spine. They will focus on improving joint mobility in the neck, back, pelvis, and other areas to reduce muscle tension and tightness. It can also help treat compressed nerves that cause pain, tingling, or numbness.

Chiropractors may also recommend certain exercises that can be performed at home to continue to improve a patient’s quality of life.

A chiropractor may also recommend:

Soft Tissue Therapy

This therapy can be used to release tension in the connective tissues that surround muscles, can relieve muscle spasms, and can relax tight muscles.

Stretches and Exercises

Exercises are often recommended to maintain and restore range of motion and mobility.

How Chiropractic Treatment Can Make a Difference

Chiropractors can treat pain anywhere in the body, not just in the neck and back. They can help patients who are suffering from pain in the ankles, knees, pelvis, hips, wrists, and elbows as well. These healthcare professionals will look at the whole musculoskeletal system to provide an accurate assessment of a patient’s condition.

Unlike other treatment options, chiropractic care doesn’t simply mask a person’s symptoms. A chiropractor will get to the root cause of their patient’s pain. At Foundations Spine and Well-Necessities, our chiropractors use manual spinal manipulation to help put their patient’s body back into better alignment to improve range of motion, improve blood flow, and relieve pain.

Our chiropractors can also make recommendations for physical therapy exercises and postural improvements that can improve a patient’s overall daily function and wellbeing. When a patient implements these types of changes into their daily routine, it can help improve the health of their body, including their bones and connective tissues.

Insurance Coverage

Fortunately, these days, many insurance companies cover the cost of chiropractic treatment. To learn more about insurance coverage and chiropractic care, contact our office today to discuss your insurance coverage and learn more about the treatment options available.

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Here at Foundations Spine and Well-Necessities, we’re proud to help our patients live pain-free, better lives. We will do everything we can to ensure our patients are comfortable and enjoy a better quality of life. Even after a few treatments, you’ll be amazed at how much better you feel. If you’ve been suffering from back and neck pain, don’t hesitate to call us. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment and let the team at Foundations Spine and Well-Necessities help get you out of pain and let you get back to your life.



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